Sunday, April 17, 2022

EMT - CHAPTER 10 - FARADAY'S LAW (Teaching Videos)

What we learnt so far is time invariant field. Starting in Chapter 10, we will see the case time varying field. The objectives of Chapter 10 are as followed:

1- To identify the difference between the static field (electric and magnetic field) with the time varying field.

2- To exhibit the phenomena whereby the current is produced by the time varying magnetic field, i.e: Faraday’s Law.

3- To investigate on the changes of Maxwell’s equation for time varying field (due to Faraday’s Law).

Part 1 - Introduction to Faraday's Law. 

You will also learn about Faraday's law and Lenz's law.

Part 2 - Three Conditions of Faraday's Law:

Induced EMF can be generated in three conditions; a static circuit in time varying magnetic field, moving circuit in time invariant magnetic field, and moving circuit in time varying magnetic field. We will see how we can do the analysis for all conditions.

Part 3 - Displacement Current.

For Time invariant current source, the current cannot pass through capacitor as it look like open circuit based on the construction of the capacitor which is two conductor separated by dielectric material.

However, the current exist when we supply the capacitor circuit with a time varying current source. The current is known as displacement current.

This Sub-topic will discuss how the displacement current can be derived by using continuity current equation as well as Maxwell equation.

Part 4 - Maxwell equation. 

This part will summarize the 4 Maxwell equations that being the core for EMT. We also will see how Maxwell equation are used to derive the loss tangent for lossy dielectric material.

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