Sunday, April 17, 2022


Chapter 9 discusses the principle of magnetic field acting on current carrying conductor Force is experience by the conductor carrying wire by 3 conditions that will be discussed later. We will also discuss the concept on inductor and magnetic energy stored inside the inductor.

For Part 1: Lorentz Equation.

You will learn how force are produced in current carrying conductor.

Part 2: Discuss how the magnetization occurred inside the magnetic materials via the exposed of external magnetic field. The term permeability is then introduced. There are 3 categorizes of materials need to be discussed in term of the tendency to be magnetized.

Part 3: Boundary Condition - This part will discuss the relationship between magnetic field from one material to another neighboring material. The relationship of magnetic field between two materials can be solved using boundary condition. 

We will apply the Gauss's law for magnetic field to find the relationship between normal component and we can use ampere's law to determine the relationship between the tangential component.

In Part 4, we will cover the inductance and energy. Students will learn about magnetic linking flux and how it can be used to determine the inductance effect. There are two types of inductance which is self inductance (self generated) and mutual inductance (generated by another source of magnetic flux).

Students will learn how inductor can stored energy into its volume.

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